Elevate your level of awareness beyond the mind

Awareness would like to inspire you to live a lifestyle that includes every area imaginable for you, fully satisfies your desires, and yet sustainable and mindful, with an awareness of nature, animals and the respect of the people who produce these items.

Nevertheless, your awareness of the consuming world and its products is confined by the mind, not enhanced by it. It is normal to believe that the only way to experience life is through the mind, in fact this is not really true.

We humans are in a state of deep sleep, captured in the cocoon of our limited awareness. To truly, deeply experience life, you must rise to the occasion and elevate your level of awareness beyond the mind.

  • More and more people are walking to the edge of their mental models and belief systems, preparing to take the leap into a more expanded view.
  • We can literally sense that our system is broken, and despite how we may have lived our lives in the ‘old world,’ we have seen that something’s gotta give and are willing to participate in the next thing.

We feel uncomfortable with something new, something unknown. But we should be more concerned with what we know. This known, which is defined as the rigid thought and behavioral patterns we have imposed on ourselves through our past conditioning. They keep us from our true potential.

Open yourself to the unknown, the unexplored, the unexplainable. Would it be such a bad thing, to be acquainted with something new, to be inspired by something different? Just listen to your inner voice, get carried away by your thoughts, feelings and inner being, which is capable of much more, than you would ever dare to imagine in your wildest dreams.


„Awareness is the first step in healing.“

Dean Ornish


Awareness would like to motivate you enabling techniques that put you into an integrated state of harmonious balance and creative flow with yourselves, each other, and your surroundings.