Today’s environment is forcing us a new sense of awareness that is required in all business and personal endeavors, as a factor when developing a project or when re-evaluating the existing and meaning behind the intention of actions.

AWARENESS emphasizes the social responsibility as well as sustainability under global framework through its human culture as the model. We would like to motivate people to go beyond their regular thoughts to reflect on the meaning of their role within our society.

AWARENESS provides projects and products of endless opportunities creating an ever revolving world for our community to discover and to meet innovative, meaningful and unique contents with the hope to influencing and inspiring their own environment.

Moreover AWARENESS provides an interface that will capture and collect all experiences people gather during their newly journeys on this planet we call home.

AWARENESS therefore will become a cultural and social movement that will launch a pad for global awareness and visibility.

Awareness is a charitable organization with the legal form of an association under Swiss law.