Projekt Beschreibung

Through the medium of entertainment one can convey wonderful inspirations. Music or films are no longer only delivered via sound carriers or in the cinema as in the past, but can now easily be brought to your home at any time via digital platforms. Netflix, Spotify, itunes or Amazon offer this incredible variety of products. As a musician or as a film producer, you aim to inspire people through the medium of music or film, take them into a world to make them think and dream.

This medium is like a carrier frequency. On this carrier frequency you can place your message visually and acoustically, which you desire to bring closer to people.

Of course, it is absolutely crucial with which intention you bring this message across. You can influence people with your message, manipulate them in a certain way, or inspire them in a different way.

  • Manipulation presupposes that one influences the free will by a clearly defined, one-sided and controlling way. You force your own will on the viewer or listener and aim for exactly this influence.
  • The person who respects free will and does not want to impose something on someone, approaches the subject with a completely different inner orientation, leaving room for personal development and growth. One respects the other opinion, and simply wants to contribute to seeing things from a different perspective.


Entertainment is a wonderful medium for deep and life-changing inspiration.

AWARENESS presents 3 wonderful and inspiring persons you can hopefully enjoy and share their visions: