Projekt Beschreibung

Aesthetics is a wonderful thing for the eye of the beholder. Beautifully made objects with a great design make your heart beat faster. You can see the subtlety, feel the shapes, feel the care with which the creator has worked on them.

There are so many areas where such ingenious designs are used, in the home, in the office, in leisure time, even in our hobbies. We find such products in an infinite number of shops all over the world. You can even buy them on the Internet at the touch of a button and have them delivered to your home.

We dispose of a sheer inexhaustible choice of consumer goods. But such a variety of possibilities and the unlimited access to luxury harbours undesirable side effects, such as

  • greed
  • cruelty to animals
  • slavery
  • waste
  • pollution

Awareness would like to sensitize you to look at the origin and processing when buying one of your next designer products. We aim to achieve that the beauty of a product goes hand in hand with the attentiveness of its production.


It is a feeling of elation when a designer product is created with a high level of mindfulness. With a sensitivity for the environment, nature and the people involved.

That is why Awareness has selected 3 designers who manufacture their products with the highest level of responsibility for the environment, in harmony with nature and respect for people: