Projekt Beschreibung

Today, it is absolutely necessary for us to question is it possible to run an expanding capitalist economy while keeping its impacts within safe ecological boundaries.

AWARENESS is committed to ensure that companies adapt their business strategies and respect the ecological limits of the planet. It is imperative to guarantee the environmental influences along companies entire value chain, and to present their business activities in a transparent manner and to strive for cooperation in order to make the industry more sustainable.

The main problem is that companies do not seem to care about protecting the environment and provide little or no information about the impact of their business on the environment.

They are contributing to the breaching of several ecological boundaries in relation to

  • climate change
  • biodiversity loss
  • labour conditions
  • nutrient enrichment

As business owners and entrepreneurs, being mindful can go a long way. It creates a mindset which is sensitive to oneself, to others, and the environment—and that’s what we need today.


AWARENESS would like to demonstrate how to combine entrepreneurial spirit with today’s need for mindful business.

Therefore AWARENESS has picked 2 companies with a business awareness that inspire people to an environmentally friendly and sustainable behavior: