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Everyone would like to look good, feel good in their skin when they look at themselves in the mirror and like themselves. Although this is purely an outward appearance, it also makes them feel comfortable inside, it gives him more self-confidence.

There are countless care and beauty products that help us look more beautiful, pamper our skin and make it shine.

And yet there are vast quantities of harmful and sometimes poisonous active ingredients in them, which are not at all healthy for our well-being.

Harmful ingredients in conventional cosmetics:

  • Hormonally active substances
  • Allergenic fragrances
  • Hormonally active substances
  • Preservatives
  • Micro-plastic
  • Aluminum salts
  • Crude oil
  • Palm oil

Our skin is very receptive, through it the substances get directly into our body.

So we have to be highly aware what products we consume so that we not only look and feel beautiful but healthy, inside and out.


What is the secret to beauty? It’s living each day with the optimism and confidence to do what you love – throughout your life.

AWARENESS has picked a company that practice ageless living through unparalleled research in skin and nutritional science in order to see the beauty of your body inside and out: